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Week #5 EVMavericks Update: Jan 9-15, 2023

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Important info:

  1. ZombieBP started biweekly watercooler Monday voice chats! Next one is on 23rd at 3PM PST/12AM CET.

  2. interweaver shares a job opportunity for Lighthouse stackers activy in the community -

  3. roar-y and treebeard share that our artists have an opportunity to collaborate with FakeRareDecal team on creating a Lion’s version of Deca logo. Intersted? Join in #creators!

  4. Join: Wed Jan 18, 8am (PST) 4pm (UTC) set for our next live panel AMA with the team behind Influence a space strategy MMO game built on ethereum.

  5. Ethereum roadmap - - shared by Yielddaddy

  6. MOOC, spring 2023, - - shared by Yielddaddy

  7. More for Job seekers - shared by 696

  8. Sku’s twitter thread causes some FOMO into EVMavericks - 7 sales within an hour!

  9. Weekly Ethfinance Doots Roundup #2

  10. Check out to see where it goes, created by whatthefuck

  11. 696 shares the ultrasound money thread

  12. Crypto podcast recommendations shared by The-A-Word: Zero Knowledge, proof of Decentralization, the Daily Gwei, Digitally Rare, The Green pill, up only. Yieldaddy chimes in with: TheDefinat and Crypt0sNews.

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